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Hi from the inside

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I was there staring at a screen box of a Pentium 2 computer. I was just reading for months, decoding complex concepts with patience. 12 years old asking questions popped up on the web, lifting the veil of childhood or burying its core. it cost me a lot to be obsessively seeking answers and not enjoying the life of absolute freedom. However, it is that obsession that brings up my character to seek answers in enjoying life, finding love, and evaluate freedom vs security.

these previous years I spent consuming the collective thoughts of mass, but also I was practicing producing my own thoughts, sharing what I think, and take a stand on what I believe. so, I found a way to process my thoughts through keyboards. I didn't use pens and papers or media like recording audio or a video. I started typing blindly fast, and it is 2012

As an anonymous user on the internet, I talked to important figures at virtual communities they thought I am a very old person which is a shock when I revealed my true age. but then I know it is the same brain and the same mind. logic and common sense do not require a specific age.

This blog for sharing my line of thoughts. but basically, the blog's purpose is to document my own investigations on some interesting topics.